Washroom Solutions

Our Washroom Solutions include the following:

  • Feminine Hygiene Service
  • Washroom Vending Machines
  • Water Care
  • Other products
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We can provide feminine hygiene solutions and offer a variety of quality sanitary units to suit client’s needs, with agreed regular service intervals as required. All service visits are fully documented with a copy of each consignment (waste transfer) note submitted to our clients free of charge and in accordance with regulations.

Each sanitary unit installed contains a powder sanitizing treatment which is renewed on each service visit. Unlike conventional treatments, this is formulated entirely from natural ingredients such as essential oils and plant extracts. It presents a totally safe and biodegradable alternative and yet provides the highest levels of efficiency both in terms of bacteria/virus kill and odour control.


We can provide high quality vending machines for the washroom with a choice of known branded products and regular service intervals as required.

The S2000 is a multi vending machine which can dispense up to 9 different product types. The S1000 is the most popular dual vending machine.

Just some of the many branded products
available include:


Automatic water hygiene systems are commonplace in washrooms these days, as they deliver constant and effective chemical or biological maintenance. Urinal fixtures remain clean, sanitised and odour free. We are pleased to offer the quality Quadrasan unit as our preferred choice of water care product for the washroom with agreed regular servicing intervals to suit usage.

Features: Flexible programming options allow periodic delivery of enhanced chemical intensity at given times of the day. A choice of fragranced or non fragranced ozone friendly chemical or biological refills. 99.9% bacteria/germ kill. Integral non-return valve for compatibility with presurised systems.


We provide access to an extensive range of quality washroom and hygiene products, low cost consumables and special offers.

Images of the following product types can often be supplied on request together with model specifications and features. All are available in various colour, shapes and sizes.

Baby Change Units
Dust Mats
Hand Dryers
Paper Towel Dispensers and Refills
Pedal and Swing Top Bins
Soap Dispensers and Refills
Toilet Paper Dispensers and Refills
Waste Containers